Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We were out today checking ice and still found 8 – 10 inches at the end of Perch Parkway.  I cannot explain it after all the cold weather we have had.  The ice along the reef and Lake Street is all 12” plus and we pulled some rentals out along Lake Street today.

We will begin pulling private houses out on Wednesday along Lake Street and Walleye Drive.  We can go out about one half of the length of Perch Parkway, but not to the deeper parts.  We will let you drive your vehicle to and from your house but NO EXPLORING OR GOING OFF ROAD.

We will not be allowing any drive-ons or daily wheel houses until we have 12” of ice all over our territory.  The ice varies a great deal this year and we want to do our best to keep people as safe as possible.  We thank everyone for their patience and understanding.