Monday, January 4, 2016


In spite of the warmer temps, we are making ice.  Where we had approximately 3 inches, we now have 4 – 5 inches and where we had 7 - 8 inches, we now have 9 – 10 inches.  There is really no cold weather coming this week until the weekend so I doubt we will make much ice until then.  I will check later in the week to see if we will be open for 4 wheelers.  We will certainly be open for walking out.

 I talked to people who went out on other parts of Mille Lacs where they had more ice and everyone caught fish.  The most prevalent was the 2013 year class (13 – 15 inches) but I did hear of keepers and larger fish as well.  I did not talk to anyone who was fishing or spearing for northerns so I have no report there.

Dean & Renee