Sunday, December 28, 2014

Still pulling fish houses out and the colder weather has firmed the ice well.

We will be letting wheel houses out starting on Monday with no restrictions.  We still have a bridge out and everyone needs to drive slow everywhere (10-15mph).  If you cannot drive slow, you will no longer have ice access.

Fishing has been very good, much better than the press or the DNR would have you believe.  The walleyes have been biting along Agate Bay Reef in 17 -20 feet.  Good numbers of 20" and bigger and a lot of 2013 year class walleyes are being caught.  Good catches of nice perch are also coming in 27 - 28' off Agate Bay Reef before getting to the mud.  Our Perch Parkway Road goes out in this area.

We will pull any private fish houses that have not gone out yet.  People are driving vehicles to their houses and wheel houses are welcome.

Hope to see you soon. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

We checked the ice this morning,  The ice survived well and we even got a little snow for banking.  We will open our roads for private fish house customers and we will be pulling customer's fish house's out today.

Drive on's with portables will be fine today.  Half ton pickups with wheel house's will be ok by Saturday am.  Due to the crack, 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickups with wheel houses should be ok after this weekend.

Drive SLOW and save the ice.  We do still have our bridge out about 1/4 mile out from shore.

If you should get some good fish pictures and don't mind it we post them or use them at next year's ice fishing show please forward them to


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It’s Tuesday am and we are temporarily closing the access, pulling houses or driving cars or trucks till Friday.  There is a lot of water on the ice and it needs time to freeze.  We still have 12 – 15 inches of ice and we are open to ATV traffic but we will wait for colder weather before pulling anymore houses out or driving vehicles.

We hope to open the access up again on Friday but will need to go out after it get’s light out Friday am and look it.  We should  be open for wheel houses this weekend as well.  We will post another ice update on late Friday am after we have had time to check it. 

The fishing this past weekend was very good.  Mostly for bigger walleyes (20”–28 ½“) and 2013 year class walleyes.  I also have heard of several catches of 12 – 13 inch perch.  Oh yes, the infamous eel pout has made several appearances as well.  The walleyes came mostly along Agate Bay Reef in 17”–24” and the perch was in 27”–28”.  It certainly was way better than last winter. 

Happy Holidays, Great Fishing and Be Safe!

Dean, Renee, Sam & Mallory

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Season’s Greetings,

We pulled rental houses out today and it went well.  The crack is still open and we bridged it.  We pulled houses over the bridge.  We hauled snow from shore to bank some of them but snow is hard to find.   We do have rentals available for this weekend so spread the word.

We will begin pulling private houses out on Friday.  We now can drive to and from your house but DO NOT go exploring.  We will be open for daily wheel houses and other daily accesses starting on Saturday.  Since there is no snow, there are no defined roads.  We left our road stakes to help, but it is definatley easier to see where to go in the daylight.  If you are not familiar with our road system, it may be better for you to come at first light so you can see where you are driving.

I do not have a lot of fishing reports yet, but from the reports I have heard, people are catching fish.  Mostly 2013 year class walleyes and bigger ones, but some slot fish as well.  I also have heard of some nice northern catches.

Remember to get your name on the pull list as soon as you come up and then make sure your house is ready to pull.  We will get you out as soon as we can.  Let the fun begin.

Dean & Renee

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Season’s Greeting’s Everyone,

We went out today to access the ice after the warm stretch.   The water has all frozen but the crack that appeared two weeks ago is back again and is 2 feet wide and open.  We filled some areas of the crack with snow and slush and will see how it freeze’s over night.

On Wednesday, we will bridge the crack & go out with 4 wheelers to check the ice again in our territory.  If we do not find any more cracks or questionable ice, we may try to pull some rentals over the bridge.  We will see how that goes and decide on further pulling then.

One thing you need to be aware of that almost all of the snow on the ice melted so banking will be a challenge.  We will probably have to haul snow from shore for rentals.  This means we cannot bank private fish houses for what we normally charge.  It also means that banking houses will take two men away from pulling other private fish houses.  We may have to bank houses during the week, rather than on the weekend, when we have people waiting to have their houses pulled.  It will be a challenge and we will appreciate your patience.  We will do our best to get everybody out fishing and make everyone happy.  See you soon.

Dean & Renee

P.S.  Things to remember:  Fishing License, Shelter License, FH Reflectors, FH Key, Bait (we no longer sell minnows but will have wax worms), Important - turn off propane before being pulled.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ice Update as of 12/12/14

We have not gained much ice since the last report.  We still have mostly 12 inches with a range of 10 - 14".

The crack has come back together and is only a couple of inches wide at this point.  With the extremely warm temps for this weekend, we will wait to pull houses until next week.

We are open for 4 wheeler and snowmobile access.  Stay safe!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ice Update 12-9-14

Sorry for the delay in sending out an updated report.  We have had access issues on our computer (I lost the password to access this blog) but Renee saved me as usual.

The ice is coming very well.  We have 12" in most places with some 10" further out and some 14" closer to shore.  We have a crack which opened up Saturday and is about 2' wide with about 2" of ice in it.  It is about 50 yards from shore.

I am still undecided about pulling houses at this time.  I was hoping to start this weekend but between the crack and the temperature forecast for this weekend (40 on Friday and 46 on Saturday) I am hesitating.  I am waiting to see if they change the forecast and also to see if the crack heals.  I will keep this updated now that Renee can post to it.