Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sorry for not posting anything for a while.  It got a little hectic last weekend.  The weather was nice and the roads have held together really well.  We may not have any bridges out this weekend.  We plowed a lot of spots for wheel houses before the weekend and people used most of them.

 We plowed a new road just south of Agate Bay Reef and will plow driveways all along it.  We extended our road to the north, which is shallower rock structure for Walleye and we will plow driveways along that, as well.

We plowed a new road out crossing Perch Parkway near the fast break from 28’ to 32’, and yes, we will plow driveways along it.  We are trying to give wheel houses a lot of choices of structure and depth and help them from crowding to close to other houses.  If you have a group and want to ne together, that is great and we will help you all we can.  For some folks, ice fishing is very social.  For others, they want space and not be close to other houses, so please be kind and respectful.  We want everyone to have a great time.

 The fishing was great Friday and Saturday, but it shut down into Sunday for most people.  It has since gotten better again and people are having a very good time.

Last week was Northern picture week and we have pictures of some caught at Agate Bay.  Also, a great Perch and a couple of the many Walleyes.  Thank you for sending in the pictures!


Dean & Renee

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The ice has not changed very much.  We still have cracks and bridges.  Everyone needs to drive slowly (10mph) and even slower going over the bridges.  Wheel houses are ok for access.  We are holding off on heavy trucks and tri-axel wheel houses for now.   Hopefully later in the season this will change.

The fishing has continued to be excellent.  We have seen very large walleye and northern, as well as some slot fish.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

The bridge over the crack has been working great.  We have pulled private fish houses and allowed our wheel houses with season access out this weekend,  We hope to open up for daily access Monday or at least by next weekend.  There has been some beautiful fish caught the last couple of days.  Here is one of them.  A 30" walleye caught out of one of our rentals. 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Today, the main east/west crack opened again and pushed together to raise the bridge.  We moved it and chiseled out a new spot for it. I am afraid with the warm weather this weekend, that may happen daily.  We pulled the rest of our 4 and 6 hole rentals out today.  We also pulled out a few private fish houses.  With the snow and all of the crack issues, it will be a much slower process in pulling houses out and we appreciate your patience.  We are doing our best.  We will be pulling private houses again tomorrow and every day after providing ice conditions remain accessible. 


We will be open for all our private customers, including our seasonal wheel houses.  Since 90% of our traffic must go over one bridge, we will not be open for daily car, truck or wheel house traffic.  Daily portable access using four wheelers or snowmobiles will be allowed.   We are trying to save the bridge crossing in order to get our private houses out.  We hope to open for smaller wheelhouse traffic on Monday.  The kitchen is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Between the new snow and yesterday’s wind, we are plowing every road again.  We pulled the bridge on the east/west crack today because it had risen with the strong winds.  We knocked it down, leveled it and positioned it back on the crack.  We plowed walleye drive and also worked on a couple of the plow trucks which had been damaged on the rough roads.  We will finish plowing the roads on Wednesday.  We will begin pulling some lighter rental houses on Thursday, if all goes well tomorrow.   We wish everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Was out on the ice this morning checking out the new crack from yesterday.  It has frozen enough so we are open for snowmobiles and 4 wheelers.  The east/west crack from last week is still open and that is about ¼ mile south of the main road.  You can fish up to that point or fish to the north of the main road. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

We were out on the ice all day today.  We plowed the main road out to just before Walleye Drive with trucks and plowed the 9.5” of ice with 4 wheelers with plows.  A new crack running north and south opened up last night in the intersection of Walleye Drive and the main road.  It is 1’ – 2’ wide and I can tell you from personal experience that you can drop a leg in it.  The tough thing is that with the snow, you can not see it until you step in it or drive in it.  It pushed a lot of water out so there is icy snow around it.  It may freeze overnight enough for 4 wheelers but won’t know until we recheck it Saturday morning.  If it is good, we will open up for 4 wheelers.  With cold weather coming, we are getting closer to pulling houses.

Dean & Renee