Saturday, January 19, 2013

We used the south access all day Friday without problems ( a first). Today we opened the main access and it looks great. We are open for all traffic including wheelhouses and diesels. We still have one 6 hole house open through Monday so if the kids have Monday off, give us a call.

Fishing has been good in spots but some have not had as good a luck. It is getting to the time of year where the shallow bite will probably start to taper off for a couple of weeks. It will be time to look a little deeper for a mix of walleyes and perch. Look more to the 26 to 30 feet of water along the gravel/ mud transition line and just into the mud. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We have worked a ton on the two accesses this week. We got a track backhoe in and he smoothed out the south access yesterday. This morning there was a new crack in it. We bridged it with one of our new 10' wide bridges so wheel houses can use it also. So far, it has held. The main access was terrible but he smoothed most of it yesterday and finished it today. We flooded it well this afternoon so we hope it will be good for this weekend.

As of NOW, we are using the south access and it is open for wheel houses and for pulling out fish houses ( yes there are still a few to go and there is still a lot of good fishing left).

We still have two houses left for Sunday noon till Monday noon, a 6 hole and an 8 hole. Call soon.

Fishing has been very good the last two nights for big walleyes ( a 30 incher last night--released). It should be good before the big freeze coming.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Well that didn't take long. The premier ice cabin is gone, but it was a 6 hole/4 bunk that upgraded so now we have that open. Cost for noon Sunday till noon Monday is $135 (mid-week special) and that house is open earlier as well. Call soon.
I am really surprised but we have a Premier ice cabin available noon Sunday thru noon Monday (Martin Luther King day). Cost is only $325. Look at our website for  all of the features with this house. Remember SATELLITE TV.
With the warm weather this morning, the ice heaved on both of our accesses. We have cleared the south access and are allowing wheel houses, etc.. We hope to get the main access open on Thursday, but it was a mess.

Ice , once past the bridges, is good. Walleyes bit well last night in our rental houses, although not too many were occupied. We still have a few openings for this weekend so give us a call.

Once again, all of our premier houses now have satellite TV( dish network), along with the combo TV/DVD. See the playoff games and the Super Bowl without leaving your house. No more watching PBS and cartoons because that's all that would come in. Been there/ Done that.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Roads are in better shape. We are open for wheel houses. Fishing has slowed a little with the cold weather. Still getting big walleyes off Agate Bay Reef but just  not as many. Starting to see a few more perch in deeper water, but not all are biting. It should pick  up in the next few weeks.

Just completed putting satellite tv (dish network) in all of my premier fish houses. No more missing football games and watching PBS and cartoons. Some channels are HD also. Great picture all the time. TVs also have built in DVD players for movie night on the ice. Still have a couple of premier houses left for each of the last 3 weekends in Feb., but they are going fast.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


The ice heaved again this afternoon and we closed both accesses for a while. We brought in an excavater and he knocked down everything in the south access and packed it down. Hopefully it will freeze overnight and allow us to pull houses on Friday. Maybe even wheelhouses????? We will look at it Friday when it gets light and see.

The main access also heaved and we were able to bridge it for vehicle traffic,but no trailers, wheelhouses, or small low vehicles ( they scrape on the hinged bridge). We will see what Friday brings.

Please do not call or email and expect us to know what the ice is going to do later that day or the next day. We can tell you what is happening NOW and that is all. By the time  we hang up,ice could be cracking or heaving. There is no way to predict that. I expect it will move again on Friday if it is warm. It has moved from 1-5 times everyday this week. We will continue to do our best to keep the roads open.

If you are on our email list, you are getting the most current updates. We have people call right after we send the email and ask if what they read is correct or if it applies to them. They also ask when it will change. We do not know and yes it applies to you.
This week's warm weather has certainly been a challenge. We have chopped down the ice heaves along shore enough to get bridges out. We are open for vehicle traffic at this time. However, we are not allowing wheel houses or trailers of any kind. The ice is still moving with the warm weather so ice conditions can change at any time. We hope the ban on trailers and wheel house will be lifted by Friday if it gets cold. Otherwise, Saturday. Call first to check.

Wednesday night was a good night along the reef with a lot of big walleyes caught  and even some keepers. It had been a little slower before that so it was good to see the bite improve. Set lines continue to beat jigging, but maybe the jigging is bringing the fish in to bite on the set lines.

I have heard of a few very nice perch caught in deeper water ( 29-32'), but not a lot of numbers. Most people are still along the reef for walleyes this early so maybe we need more people trying deeper to find the perch. I think it will be like the last few years where the perch are moving all the time and if you find the schools, you will have a short burst of action and then they will be gone. They do not seem to stay in one place for long and certainly not from day to day. If you are really serious about perch, you may have to hit and run and drill a LOT of holes in a day.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

No new cracks and we have even taken in some bridges where the cracks have healed. We are pulling private houses and all of our rentals are out on the lake.

We have some openings left for this weekend so give us a call. I have one Premier Ice Cabin left which I would rent for $695. This is a deluxe 12x24 house for noon Friday till noon Sunday. Check out our website to see all of the features this house has. You will not be disappointed. It normally rents for $750.  We also have some standard houses left, as well.

We will allow vehicles up to 3/4 ton GAS pickups with single axle wheelhouses through our access. Sorry for the slight to bigger rigs, but we need to save our access and some of our bridges are 8' wide, not 8'6". We will open to bigger vehicles as soon as possible.

The fishing has been very good for walleyes, but most of them have been over the slot limit. The best fishing has been along Agate Bay Reef and depth has been less important than proximity to the Reef. Perch have been spottier, but I do not have very many people fishing deep for them. The best perch fishing has been along Tullibee Trail off the fast break between 28' and 32' in the mud.

We have about 15" of ice and if it was not for the cracks, it would be some of the best ice I have seen for years. We need about 6" of snow to settle down the temp swings in the ice.